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Our Story

Mike (and his dog Lela) founded KIB in 2015. Mike loves and appreciates Kangaroo Island for its heritage and natural beauty, and with his 10 years building experience across the Fleurieu Peninsula and KI, he's been able to bring a rustic yet neat & modern feel to the brewery. Almost all materials in KIB are recycled and have an amazing story. From local shearing sheds to local quarried stone the brewery is local as hell! Kangaroo Island has been built on the hard work of generations before, and to this day, perseverance and grit has been the underpinning quality of KI and it’s people. At Kangaroo Island Brewery we want to pay homage to those qualities and make the kind of beer that those hard working settlers would be proud of.

We want to steer this brewery in an authentic direction dictated by the customer. We’re always aiming to make this brewery and it’s beer 100% KI originated and want to brew beers that the locals and tourists value alike. So if you’re in the brewery, make yourself at home, get comfortable and get to know Mike and the staff. We want to make a beer for you that makes you happy!

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