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Tasting Notes

Hey, if you’re reading this you love beer. Not only do you like putting it in your face, you like learning about it – good on you! All of our beers are brewed here on site using water off this shed roof. They are recipes we have tried to get as good as we can but are improving them every time we brew.  Some beers won’t be available at the time thanks to seasonal variability. So learn up and drink up!

Pale Ale

Coastal Lager


XP Lager

This brew is super easy to drink and designed for the commercial beer lover. It is light on malt flavours and light on hops but the hops used have a citrus note that you may detect. This is what we call a SMASH beer; it contains a Single Malt And Single Hop variety.

A refreshing lager with extra hop profile. The hops used have a citrus note that you may detect.

A mix of Barley and Wheat malts combined with four different kinds of hops delivers a refreshing brew suitable for 12 months of the year! Many different hops in low volume offers up a flavour that most people will enjoy but not knock your socks off. Ferment it in an oak barrel for a month to soften and you’ve got our pale.

Premium Pale Ale

A spin on our classic Pale, but dry-hopped with extra Galaxy hops giving it a bit more of a tropical feel.

Indian Pale Ale


 This beer lets us throw heaps of hops and malts together to generate a stronger flavour and beautiful colour. Coming from a time when beer was transported between the colonies and spoilage was an issue. Hops containing natural preservatives, and already in beer, was added in larger quantities to the brew enabling the colonies to enjoy a beer from home. More for the real beer drinker who wants to taste deeper body and flavour.

Double Indian Pale Ale

Similar lively hop characters as the IPA, but with even more hops, hints of citrus joined by pine. There’s a bit of a smooth, caramel malt in there too, balancing the bitterness of this beer.

Amber Ale


Take sparkling ale, add more malt and turn up the hop, you get the third in the series to deliver more punch. A fruity note on the head thanks to galaxy and cascade hops and an almost warm home-like depth provided by Amarillo hops. This one is for the beer lover and is our earthiest brew yet.

Sparkling Ale

Untitled design-7.png

A step up from our pale, this brew is also barrel fermented but for a bit more body we’ve added crystal malt and more hops. A touch more bitter than the pale but just as refreshing, galaxy hops give this beer an unmistakable flavour. Note the darker colour thanks to those deeper malts.

Sheoak Stout


A deep blend of Maris Otter malt, crystal malt and black barley gives this glossy black liquid a beautiful taste. Finished off with East Kent Goldings hops, this stout is mild and not too heavy. We add charred sheoak pieces (a tree from KI) to the fermenters to give it a nice woody smokey flavour. Get the fire going and the stout out, it’s a winter brew for the consummate beer drinker.


Tasting paddle

Choose four of our tap beers to try in a tasting paddle

F9620DC5-33BF-411C-9F87-5DB307CAC1DC 2.HEIC


We collaborate with local businesses, and brew our own ginger beer


Local Wines

We stock a delicious range of local wines to try by the glass or by the bottle, as well as KI Cider on tap

IMG_0749 3.heic

Take it home

Take a 4-pack or carton to enjoy anytime and anywhere!

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